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Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer

Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://usefyi.com/ [1]

When you join FYI, you’ll be working on solving a problem you and most other people have. One that FYI co-founders Marie Prokopets and Hiten Shah discovered through extensive research. They found that the most painful productivity problem people have at work is finding information and keeping up to date on what’s happening across the company. We’re a fully-remote customer-focused team of 10 who are improving how people collaborate with each other across the apps they use. Our product is evolving. Today, FYI helps individuals find their documents in 3 clicks or less and has won a Golden Kitty Award in the LifeHack category from Product Hunt. We’re in the midst of building features to empower teams and companies to find the information they need quickly. 
We’re hiring an Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer to become a key team member that helps fuel our growth and build a product companies love to use.

Job overview 

The Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer role is best suited for someone who loves to move fast, is self motivated, and is a life-long learner. If you care about working on fast-growing products while iterating and sweating the details, you’ll love working with us.
You should:
  • Have high accountability and ownership of your work.
  • Be willing to do whatever it takes, even if this means working outside of your role (backend help frontend, frontend, help customer support, etc).
  • Be able to effectively balance speed/quality/tech debt and make engineering decisions that enable speed and quality results.
  • Have a bias towards action.
  • Be a product thinker who cares about the customer.  

 What you’ll do

  • Architecture design, performance optimization, and data modeling.
  • Deployments, infrastructure/exceptions monitoring, and automation.
  • Cost optimization and scaling.
  • Code standards, code reviews, technical planning/research, and testing/QA.
  • Investigate and resolve bugs/customer issues.
  • Assist in scoping, estimating, and planning of projects.

Experience we’re looking for

  • AWS: API Gateway, CloudFront, CodeBuild, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Kinesis, Lamba, RDS, S3.
  • Core tech: Chalice, Elasticsearch, Flask, Python, PostgreSQL, SQL, Redis, Serverless.
  • Bonus Qualifications: Extensive experience working with APIs, Docker, Go, JavaScript, Kubernetes, React, SSR, previous remote working experience.

What’s it like to work at FYI?

  • We love learning from customers and being data informed. You’ll be working on a product that is research backed from the start.
  • Moving fast is a requirement so we can iterate based on what we learn from our customers.
  • We like making the hard stuff as simple as possible so we can start with the best first step. 
  • We highly value and celebrate clear communication and clarity of thought. Because the number one problem of remote work is communication, we’ve written about it here [2]
  • We love sharing what we learn about how people work and collaborate online. Here’s a recent article [3] on why people switch document apps.

You should include these in your application

  • Your favorite infrastructure monitoring tool/s and why you like it.
  • Links to your GitHub, Twitter, or any other online profiles that you use to describe your work.
  • Your work history (your resume, LinkedIn profile, etc).

To apply: [email protected] [4]

  1. https://usefyi.com/
  2. https://usefyi.com/remote-work-report/
  3. https://usefyi.com/switching-document-apps/
  4. mailto:[email protected]
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