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Partner - Remote Attorney

Our client is an Atlanta based firm and they are expanding their remote partner program throughout the United States. Are you an experienced attorney that would like a new method to Practice Law and receive more compensation for your efforts?
Taking advantage of the efficiencies that technology makes possible, remote attorneys work from client locations, additional shared office spaces or their home offices.

Remote attorneys are full members of the Firm. They collaborate with members of their Practice Groups, originate their own clients, share origination with other attorneys when they contribute to new business, and participate in exciting marketing opportunities. Remote attorneys have the flexibility to work wherever they like, creating and storing documents in a secure cloud-based document management systems and communicating with other attorneys through Firm-provided VOIP phones.

Remote attorneys are usually experienced attorneys with more than ten years of practice and their own book of business. Remote attorneys enjoy this model because it allows them to keep a greater percentage of the revenues they generate while leveraging the capacity and wide skillsets made available by the firm network of Hub and fellow Remote attorneys. Also, remote attorneys do not have an hourly billing requirement and they have the flexibility to set the billable rate with their clients.

Our Remote attorney compensation plan is transparent, rewarding production and efficiency and making it possible for Remote attorneys to enjoy the flexibility of a home or shared office with the capacity and breadth of a traditional full-service law office.

If you are an experienced attorney with a portable book of business of at least $300K who might benefit from the Remote attorney system, please contact Brian Vogt at [email protected] or by phone (904)770-4160.

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