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Technical Support Engineer (DAST)

DAST Technical Support Engineer Job Description

What you'll be doing:
  • Receive and process inbound client and internal requests, maintaining SLAs and documenting tickets appropriately
  • Resolve all technical questions associated with general user operation and administration of WhiteHat’s user interfaces
  • Escalate issues to management and escalation teams as necessary, driving the issue to resolution
  • Troubleshoot and resolve various customer issues, including:
    • Site inaccessibility
    • Login issues
    • Issues with automated assessments
    • Integrations/API
    • Troubleshooting of remote satellite appliances
  • Facilitate client technical calls as needed with our Threat Research Center
  • Participate in or lead projects that are beneficial to the overall department
  • Report defects and feature requests/enhancements
What we value:
  • A solid understanding of internet fundamentals: URL structure, request and response layout, HTTP/S, SSL, Proxies, DNS, etc.
  • Familiarity with Web Application Security concepts including OWASP Top 10
  • Basic knowledge of Firewall access controls (NAT, WAF/IDS/IPS, ASM)
  • Basic understanding of networks: OSI model, servers (APACHE, Tomcat, IIS, etc.), routers, switches, firewalls, TCP/IP, VLANs
  • Familiarity with basic network troubleshooting (routing, ping, traceroute, whois, netstat, dig) and web server troubleshooting (telnet, curl, wget, and ssh)
  • Basic understanding of API’s
  • The ability to be self-motivated and detail-oriented, with a great ability to prioritize and multi-task
  • Experience with Burp Suite, SalesForce and JIRA a plus
  • Experience with Linux, VMWare, and AWS a plus
Additional Details:

A majority of the work occurs between 6am-7pm Pacific Time. However, WhiteHat Security provides 24/7 support for our client base. On call or rotational shift work may be required. As a Technical Support Engineer you may be required to perform customer calls outside of standard work hours, to accommodate our international client base. Most positions do not have a travel component, however, occasional travel (up to 1-2 times per year) may be required. This position requires a successful background check and drug testing.

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