Got to 200 subscribers

So got to 200 email subscribers this week, yay! 🥳

Some numbers

  • Sent 322 personalized emails
  • Delivered 98.14%
  • Open rate 125.47%
  • Click rate 72.05%
  • Zero spam reports

What’s new

  • You can now choose how many job offers you get in one email (few, couple, a lot)
  • About one million tiny bugfixes

What’s planned

  • LinkedIn / Github login so people don’t have to fill in their skills
  • Live preview of the email for impatient users
  • /open page with all the stats live and public
  • Opt-in matching system for subscribers and headhunters
  • Featured job posts

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Soft launch on Product Hunt

This post was first published on Indie Hackers.

Although was never gonna be a Product Hunt superstar, it’s good for my mind to just check out this milestone when building a new thing.

I usually do Product Hunt, Hacker News + few subreddits first; and move to an actual day-to-day marketing and promotion of the new thing within the next few days after processing the initial feedback.

This time I did only PH with HN and Reddit to come next week.

I scheduled the post for Sunday (that’s right), but when I checked later that day, it was re-scheduled for Tuesday and eventually launched on Monday! Someone at PH probably had some fun with that, hehe. However it actually served me well as Remote Weekly got 94 upvotes, 400 visitors and 150 subscribers. Not bad for a newsletter 🤷

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Peace out!