500 Subscribers and other Open Stats

Originally, I set the 500 subs goal for the end November - got there 3 days later. Still, close enough.

📊 Stats for November

  • 6,875+ visits combined
  • 511 subscribers (+222)
  • 1,667 emails sent
  • 19.80k job offers in db
  • 98.37% delivery rate
  • 70.16% click rate
  • Zero spam reports

More info, charts and 🥧 pies: remoteweekly.cc/open

💚 Also happened

A) Created Google Sheet with all the companies hiring remotely in last 30 days and shared on social media, which resulted in:

B) Made Remote Jobs Search Engine because I already had the data so why not. Basically I just connected new frontend to my database.

C) Collaborated on an article about Remote Weekly. Another one is in progress.

D) 129 people clicked on the red pricing CTA in header

  • 20 when the price was $399
  • 21 when the price was $99
  • 22 when the price was $199
  • 23 when the price was $299
  • 43 when the price wasn’t displayed

E) Automation: Made little bot which Tweets daily instead of me

F) Managed to get my domain remoteweekly.cc banned on Facebook 🤦â€?♂ï¸?

🔥 Working on right now

  • Finishing Portal for partners to finally allow companies post jobs & pay for them. I’m also experimenting with some affil links to online courses as secondary revenue stream.
  • Preparing special landing pages for more niche groups (copywriters, designers, socmedia etc.)

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