Idea: Personalized Remote Jobs Newsletter

After making, I didn’t really plan any more involvement in the remote work field. After all, the market looked pretty crowded already - for years. It was only meant as a quick way to help out my friends (and other people) asking advice on the remote work and digital nomading thing.

However, it surprised me how many positive responses this simple and stupid html table got.

That got me thinking about an actual product.

What could it be? Mmmm.

  • Making another job boards seems like a nonsense.
  • Curated list of resources - already got that one. Also difficult to monetize, even with major overhaul.
  • Curated newsletter with remote jobs? But curated for whom? I can only curate for myself.
  • I know! With a bit of coding and machine learning, I can make it curated for anyone! (Kinda like newsletter / personal curator hybrid.)

Here’s how it’s gonna work

  1. Visitor signs up and fills his interests (positions)
  2. The system periodically downloads remote job offers from many many many remote job boards and maybe even social networks
  3. Each weekend, subscriber gets an email with only the remote job offers he is interested in

Possible “business models“

  1. Promoted job offers (b2b)
  2. Matching job candidates with headhunters (b2b)


  1. The remote work trend is clearly long-term on rise and unlikely to stop
  2. Email-based products seems underrated to me, which can mean less competition
  3. Unlike category/label based job boards, this product starts with your preferences and learns using your feedback from each email, meaning it will be truly personalized

The main disadvantage is clearly the weekly interval which can cause some positions to be already filled when you get the email. On the other hand, if a position gets filled so fast it’s a bit strange. It’s also not meant for people activelly looking for a job.

The ideal persona for this product is not actively looking for a job. He/she already has a job, but is thinking about going remote for some reason (traveling, commuting, family).

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